Adapt to the new realities and optimize for growth!

CHASM helps emerging tech providers  to optimize their growth, launch new products and enter new markets fasterWe apply industry leading frameworks in a hands on approach that will deliver instant results.

Grow 3x Faster

Win new markets faster by having everyone working together laser-focussed on the right target

2.5x Revenue Increase

Higher Marketing ROI and increased Sales effectiveness leads to more revenue with the same resources

Minimize Risk

Avoid the cost and time associated with entering the wrong markets or the right markets in the wrong way 

CHASM Solution

The key to structured growth and market success is having a clear focus on the target segment where you are best positioned to win.  CHASM will help you: 

Find your ideal customer

Understand what is the best target segment for you to focus on based on the customer needs, your strenghts and the competition. 

Validate your ideal customer

Validate your target segment by direct feedback from the customers within the segment. In the process we also validate which message resonates best with your potential buyers.

Build your demand strategy

Based on the selected segment we identify and build buyer persona’s, these will tell us which marketing channel and what content will be most effective to engage them with. 

Common challenges that  stall growth 

Finding new clients

How do you find new customers outside your current netwerk? Where do you find them? And  which segments should you stay away from?  


Sales Effectivenes

How do I increase the conversion of my sales team? What can I do to reduce the sales cycle and how do I stand out from the increasing competition? 

Customer Acquisition

How do you create demand in a crowded market? What are your clients and prospects looking for and how can you provide it to them? 

Cash flow and funding

Financial constraints put limitations on resources, how do you make sure your resources are focussing on the right market opportunity? 

“The majority of our business comes through our existing network and we were struggling to find the right customers for us at scale.

With the help of Chasm we have now identified the ideal customer for us and we understand what truly motivates them.

Our messaging, website, case studies and sales are all aligned now to reach our target customer in the most effective way increasing our customer acquisition by more than 60%”



Richard Budding, CEO at Levarne Cloud Solutions




Richard Budding, CEO at Levarne Cloud solutions

“Prognica offers a disruptive technology that requires education from the market, for a small Tech organisation this is a crucial but challenging task. Despite our focus on the customer Chasm was still able to provide us with recommendations that has helped us to improve our messaging. Chasm did not just provide the necessary how to guidance but also the right structure and content. 

As a result we do not only have better conversations with our prospective customers, we also see a positive impact on our discussions with investors or even the press. 

Chasm is a strategic partner because they know what is required in which stage of my growth journey. They help me to both set and execute my priorities.

Khalid Shaikh, Founder and CEO at Prognica

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