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Many emerging technology providers struggle to grow beyond initial success. The gap from winning the first clients in a market to becoming a leader within that market is one of the toughest challenges for technology providers to overcome.

Early clients are usually existing relationships, referrals, and innovators – clients that just get it – but reaching mainstream adoption at scale requires a different approach.

Customer buying behaviour is becoming more complex and unpredictable while it comes more difficult to stand out as markets are getting more and more crowded.

In March 2020 we founded Chasm, to help organisations cross this chasm between initial success and scalable growth. The most effective way to cross the chasm is having a laser focussed Go-to-Market strategy, based on global best practices and market intelligence.

For emerging technology providers we have developed a Go-to-Market playbook that we deliver in a hands-on approach for it to provide instant value. 

In the background photo you see Edwin and Manno, the founders of CHASM on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest peak in Africa and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. 

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Who We Are


Edwin Kooistra

Edwin Kooistra

Founder & CEO

Technology can be a huge differentiator but leveraging emerging technologies can be challenging. After my degree in Business Information Technology I decided to work on the provider side of Technology, because I believe Technology providers play an important role in guiding enterprises on their digital journey. 

I joined an early-stage Ymor in 2007, based in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Ymor was one of the first to fully specialize in user happiness or Digital Experience as we would call it now.

In different roles my focus was always on growth: developing new services, entering new industries, finding new (technology) partnerships, or entering new geographical markets.

Shortly after Ymor got acquired by Main Capital I moved to Dubai work for Gartner. In my three years with Gartner I provided start-up, mid-size and large enterprise Tech CEOs in the Middle East the advice, insights, and tools needed to accelerate the growth of their business.

Outside work life I love to play golf on one of the many beautiful courses in Dubai, go sailing or run by the canal in Business Bay or by the sea at Kite Beach. My next challenge is to run the marathon of Dubai in January 2021!

Manno Notermans

Manno Notermans

Customer Research & Product Market Fit

One of the main reasons I joined Chasm is that within my work for Orion – Digital Advertising Agency, I saw a lot of companies struggling with their demand.

Their marketing communication employee was not doing the right thing. Or the agency was unable to make it work for them. 

Most businesses that shared this with me were not working with the wrong person or agency but were lacking segmentation, value, messaging and the validation on this. They were not agency ready. Not market ready.

The chances of being successful are decreasing significant if you don’t have the above points clear for your customer and your employees. 

In my work in sales and marketing over the last 12 years I have seen how important it is to communicate with your audience in the right way and the important of validation in this process.

Luckily for us we are able to quickly check and validate our ideas with digital marketing now a days. There is no reason anymore to invest a lot of time and money in the wrong product/ market fit. 

We are happy to help you on the way!  




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