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Content Marketing for Tech Companies

March 27, 2022 Edwin Kooistra

When individuals or businesses alike are looking for tech products or tech-based solutions, the first and foremost thing they do is run an online search. Both customer segments automatically assume that given the nature of the product or service, a robust online presence is mandatory for a sound tech company.

But just a significant online presence is not enough. For a tech company to succeed, it must have a comprehensive marketing strategy that utilizes all online channels to stand out from its competitors. And within this marketing strategy, content is critical.

Companies that use content marketing (revolving around quality content) that always appeal to the consumer are a step ahead of their competitors. They carve a niche for themselves in the psyche of their target segment.

What is Content Marketing for Technology Companies?

When we talk about content marketing in a broader scope, it incorporates all the activities around the distribution and publishing of valuable and quality material relevant to your business or service. This is done to attract customers and retain the current ones.

What is Content Marketing for Technology Companies

Now applying the same phenomenon for technology companies, we shall shed light on what content marketing is for technology companies and why it has gained traction and importance in recent years.

The content marketing strategy for your technology business can be the key defining factor in your business’ success. The target segment interacts with you constantly using different social media platforms, search engines, and even online ads. If you fail to deliver compelling content promptly on these channels, then your customer segment will move on to your competitor.

Marketing for technology companies has become an important feature when it comes to the overall comprehensive marketing strategy aligned with the company’s strategic direction. Tech businesses have realized that the importance of content marketing for their tech businesses and services cannot be ignored. It is mainly due to the different benefits it offers and the shift in the market.

Without adapting to this shift and being a step ahead when delivering quality content, no tech company can expect to survive, let alone succeed. First and foremost, in today’s digital era, a strong content marketing strategy builds your online presence and enhances your availability and reach towards your target segment.

Technology-based content enhances the leadership thinking process and how it wants to see the business positioned in this competitive market. You start working on your PR and public image as well as what is your content marketing strategy. This is, of course, another wrong of the evolving mind market dynamic.

Content marketing strategy for tech companies and effective deployment has aided in increasing followers, which is, of course, a critical pillar of marketing nowadays. As social media has gained immense popularity, tech-based companies need to step onto the bandwagon of content marketing and develop their relevant strategies.

Lastly, especially in the tech industry, where sometimes the investment in the products or services offered by the businesses is of a very high value; content marketing has played an exciting role. With the alignment of the customers’ expectations and the delivery of content-focused marketing tactics, the tech industry has seen shorter sales cycles with increased customer interest.

Types of Content for a Technology Company

When we talk about content marketing for technology companies, experts suggest two possible approaches that one can take. These approaches are highly dependent on your market segmentation and your brand positioning. Let’s look at these two content marketing approaches for a technology company.

1. Product Led Content Marketing

When we talk about product-led content marketing or product content strategy, it usually focuses on the features of the product or service you’re providing and how it can be naturally incorporated in different content mediums without seeming forceful.

It may sound straightforward because you might be envisioning how you can talk about the features of your product or service or how it can be beneficial for a specific target segment but, incorporating this in quality content requires excellent effort.

An excellent example of using product content marketing is Ahrefs. It is one of the world’s leading SEO tools that provide different services for SEO optimization, including site audits, keyword analysis, and even competitive analysis. These tools not only help you divert more traffic to your website but also help increase sales by ensuring presence on search engines.

Ahrefs with the use and the help of quality content, blogs, real-life case studies of businesses that have benefited from its services has reached great heights. Once these content mediums go on with what they were able to achieve with Ahrefs, it automatically generates buzz for the service and a solid online presence. Ahrefs have become the leading tool or service for this purpose by using a product lead content market strategy.

2. Market Led Content Marketing

When we talk about market-led content marketing, we shall focus on what a target customer from your relevant segment is searching for when they look for solutions online. It mainly revolves around keywords and a strong presence in arenas and forums where your segment is usually active.

For a company operating in the tech industry, market-led content marketing is crucial. Many of the users in the target segment for your product or service rely heavily on online search. Therefore, you must focus the content that you’re putting out in relevance to what they are searching for. This can be done by using SEO tools and incorporating the most searched keywords in your content.

Best Type of Content for Tech Products

There is no single direct answer to what the best type of content marketing for tech-based products should be. Where it might seem that market-led content marketing should be the way to ensure a high clickthrough and conversion rate, the importance of product-led content marketing cannot be ignored.

Experts suggest that depending on the product and service you are offering relevant to your tech business, you should opt for an optimum mix of market-led and product-led content to reach an appropriate blend.

In the B2B sector, where of course, the majority of the sales will happen during face-to-face interactions, you might want to focus on market-led content marketing because you want to pop up in those initial searches. But when we talk about the B2C segment, you might want to incorporate product-led content into your marketing strategy because individual users desire certain specifications and features and are more impressionable when the said information is delivered through their favorite blogs or influencers.

9 Content Marketing Strategies for Tech Products

Content Marketing Strategies for Tech Products

We shall now look at the top nine best marketing strategies that you can deploy for your tech product or service as a tech business owner. Do note that none of these strategies guarantee success unless or until they align with your business model, the strategic direction of your organization, and your positioning.

  1. Influencer Marketing
  2. Video Content
  3. Personalization and Quality
  4. Live Events
  5. Automation Tools
  6. Nurturing Current Customers
  7. Interactive Experiences and Trials
  8. Distribution Channel Analysis
  9. Content Diversification

1. Influencer Marketing

The use of influencer marketing as an effective content marketing strategy has gained popularity due to its effectiveness. Customers are more likely to get influenced by individuals who have a particular following and are also from the same segment as they are.

Once you bring an influencer on board to deploy your content marketing strategy, they will not only review your products and post relevant links but also describe your product in detail while using it. This lets your customers see the product in action and that too from an individual who has developed a level of trust over time.

Research indicates that when executed correctly, influencer-based content marketing helps tech-based businesses enjoy over an 18% increase in sales versus traditional marketing methods.

2. Video Content

Humans are visual beings that prefer aesthetics as well. Research states that visuals have more power to stimulate the human brain versus text or even audio. The use of video content in advertisements, video testimonials, or even product trials and demos for your tech business is a solid strategy for content marketing.

You can develop a connection with your target segment through videos, and putting a human face onto the products and services helps build brand loyalty and interest in the product or service itself.

3. Personalization and Quality

Customers whether B2B or B2C pay specific attention when companies put in extra efforts in their marketing campaigns. These extra efforts are in the form of personalization, where the content being put out is tailored to the individual’s needs.

This personalization adds to a sense of care and specialty, which of course helps in attracting and retaining a potential customer. On the other hand, maintenance of quality and focusing on quality content as part of a strategic step is also one of the best strategies that you can use for content marketing, after all quality speaks for itself.

4. Live Events

Due to the pandemic, live events have gained specific traction in the marketing sphere. It was, of course, an adaption from the usual face-to-face meetups and seminars but has proven to be equally effective, if not more, in attracting customers and developing long-term relationships with them.

As a part of your content marketing strategy, you can see live events as an essential strategic maneuver to interact with your target segment. Bring on experts and product developers who can discuss the tech product and its benefits in detail and answer relevant questions from the target segment.

5. Automation Tools

The use of automation tools is one of the best strategies you can use as a tech business for content marketing. Different companies like Oracle and even IBM offer customer relationship management software developed according to your business needs.

These software or automation tools help you visualize the whole marketing process and its results in the form of leads and help you manage customer relationships. The insights that such automation tools provide the aid you in selecting the best segments to focus on and the best channels for the same.

6. Nurturing Current Customers

The most common yet underrated strategy for content marketing in the tech industry is the nurturing of current customers. We know that acquiring new customers has a higher cost than maintaining existing customers and increasing sales per customer with research.

This can be done by sending out quality and tailored content to current customers that will enable them to make higher purchases and be retained for a longer duration.

7. Interactive Experiences and Trials

For a tech business to provide interactive experiences and trials through their content marketing strategy is becoming one of the most attractive ways of getting new leads. In video content marketing, you can offer virtual tours and coupons for free trials to your product or service.

This will help you recognize genuine leads and get feedback from the customers or target segment that can help you improve your customer service or even the product at large.

8. Distribution Channel Analysis

One of the best strategies for content marketing in relevance to tech companies is distribution channel analysis. When a company adopts this strategy, they reflect on which of the channels of marketing is producing the best results.

Then in the second step, this channel is taken on and focused on as part of the content strategy umbrella, and a higher rate of quality content is delivered to the customer through this channel. After all, you want to spend money on an avenue that gives you the most increased reach to the relevant segment instead of spending thousands of dollars and not being able to reach your target audience.

9. Content Diversification

When opting for a content diversification strategy, you need to be on your toes, and your marketing team should be full of creative minds that can come up with fresh ideas. What usually happens when a specific type of content or channel starts giving results then companies tend to focus on that same technique and strategy, which leads to stagnation.

Therefore, when adapting a content diversification strategy, keep on producing fresh content, which is a mixture of tropical and evergreen information and material put out and directed towards your relevant customers, to increase the customer base or keep them informed of product development.

Best Content Marketing Examples from Technology Companies

Let us now look at some of the best content marketing examples from the technology sector and understand which strategy was the reason behind the success.

1. Dell Technologies – STEM Age

For its STEM age campaign, Dell adopted a personalization and quality approach where it focused on the role of girls in stem and how no matter how minor the change or event might be in terms of technology, it is of great importance and great significance to Dell. Using this approach, it could tap into a particular segment of the teenage market comprising females, which it could not do earlier.

2. Avtex Solutions

A leading tech solutions provider specializing in customer mapping and customer relationship management used influencer marketing with live events to boost and retain customers during the pandemic. It employed industry experts and influencers and brought them all on a single platform in a live event where the product’s features were discussed and its practical application.

3. HBO Max- Launch

When HBO decided to launch its HBO Max streaming service, it used a content diversification strategy where it leveraged users’ power to create content to promote the service. Still, it also moved away from its traditional marketing channels and developed a combination across the board.


In recent times content marketing for tech businesses and companies has taken on a new meaning as a crucial pillar of the overall marketing umbrella. As a tech business owner, you most definitely should indulge in this practice but be sure to align the strategy adopted with your business model and market dynamics.

A content-focused solid marketing strategy can help you attract new customers and explore more unique channels and segments. But this can only be achieved if thorough market research has gone into the process and relevant quality content is delivered through effective channels.

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