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Marketing One-Pagers (How to Build One

February 10, 2022 Edwin Kooistra

They say that the first impression even though might not be the last, does last, and therefore marketing one-pagers are not only important in terms of putting your company, product or service out there but also for making sure that you are remembered, and you have made an impact on a possible client.

The benefit and needs of marketing one-pager are simple, in one glance you can let someone know all about your value proposition, how will it cater to their need, and what makes you different from the rest of your competitors. Imagine being able to do all that in just a single look of a page or pamphlet?

That is what makes marketing one-pagers so special, different, and of course a necessity.

How Would You Define a Marketing One-Pager?

From the introduction, you may have deciphered by now that a marketing one-pager is the crux of your business on a single page. It describes what your company accomplishes and for whom. It can also be customized in relevance to one or more of your specific products or service for a specific target market or be overall imagery of the company as a whole.

Not only is it a powerful tool when it comes to marketing your service but once you think of it in terms of a buyer’s journey, it automatically highlights its importance and needs as a needed tactic for the ToFu (Top of the Funnel) strategy in the sales funnel.

As for you, apart from the main attraction of the one-pager acting as an elevator pitch for your company and generating leads, what you can take away from it is the effort and analysis you will put in when developing it. You would be given a chance to reflect on where your company stands and how you want to take it ahead.

Is a Marketing One-Pager Needed?

The obvious answer to this is, YES. Long gone are the times when representatives were given proper time slots and appointments for them to pitch their service and product and at times even get an order right away. Given how fast-paced the environment has become and how time constraints are being enforced on businesses every day, a marketing one-pager is the way to go.

Its conciseness and ease of reading have been proven effective in putting across your message and your value proposition to a prospective client in the shortest possible time.

The beauty of it is that if you develop your marketing one-pager exactly how it should be then the customer or client will contact you and come after you rather than the old ways of sales reps waiting outside the doors of sales managers and executives.

How Can I Build My Marketing One-Pager?

build my marketing one-pager
Source: Pinterest

Making your marketing one-pager content and layout out is of key importance. The layout of a marketing one-pager should be such that the information being presented does not seem cluttered and is easy to read as well as gets your message across clearly and concisely.

Secondly, the information that you’re trying to put across should be written in such a way that not only it expresses your company’s objectives and what makes it stand out but also motivates the client or customer to take any action and arouse their interest for further communication with you.

In short, the marketing one-pager should be a breeze to go through while delivering some hard-hitting content that is placed attractively across the sheet.

Let us now look at some essential elements of marketing one-pager in terms of placement of where they should be aligned on the sheet itself to generate the biggest impact.

What to Place at The Top of Your Marketing One-Pager

Your Company’s Identity

The first and foremost element of a marketing one-pager that is replaced at the top of the sheet is your company’s name and of course its logo it is important that it is placed at the top of the sheet because it is the place where the client and customer will give a first glance and hence, they should be able to know that with whom they are interacting and who’s marketing one-pager is it.

How Can You help?

This is very important to get across right at the first glance that is what are you willing to offer in the form of a value proposition to cater to the customers’ problem or as we call it inherit need.

If you’re able to ace this part of the one-pager where you’re able to get your value proposition across in a way where the customer is convinced that you can deliver to satisfy their needs, then honestly the main agenda of the marketing one-pager has been achieved by you.

What to Place at The Middle of Your Marketing One-Pager

What Makes You Stand Out?

Now coming to the middle section of a marketing one-pager, here the first thing that you want to highlight is what makes you stand out that is what is your competitive advantage and what are the qualities that make you different from your competitors.

This could include a description of your company’s characteristics that gives it an upper hand for example features like availability of 24/7 customer service, a lead time of fewer than two days, etc. Such features further intrigue the customer and help you retain their interest.

How Will It Help the Customer?

Once you have listed the characteristics that describe your business and service in terms of what makes it different from the rest, you must translate it that how will these features benefit your customer. The example of a 24/7 availability of customer service will translate as you are available for your customer 24 hours a day which means a quick response and one on one interaction.

What to Place at The Bottom of Your Marketing One-Pager

Put your CTA (Call to Action)

In the last section of your marketing one-pager, the first and foremost thing that you should ensure is present is your call to action. It could be a tagline in the way that calls us right now! or what are you waiting for?

Ensure that the words that are used to put out your call to action are actionable not only just in terms of generating a lead but also in instilling enthusiasm in your customer regarding your product or service.

Where to Find You?

The last but rather one of the most important components of marketing one-pager is your contact information that where is your office based, your contact, email, and phone number.

Of course, if you’re able to deliver what a marketing one-pager is supposed to that is generate a lead and arouse a customer’s interest then they must want to reach you right? Therefore, you need to put out this information in that very marketing one-pager so that by the end of it you’re receiving a call or an email from a potential client.

Examples of Marketing One Pager

We will now look at some examples of marketing one-pager of industry leaders to help you further understand the concept and representation of alpha marketing one-pager.

Mercedes Benz

examples of marketing one pager by mercedes benz
ource: awware

This one-pager by Mercedes-Benz is a perfect example of how a marketing one-pager should be. Without putting out many details it can deliver on the value proposition and the product offerings that make it stand out from its competition.

Chicago Tribune – Media Group

another example of marketing one-pager by chicago tribune
Source: Pinterest

This one-pager by Chicago Tribune one of the largest Media groups based in Chicago works well on color palette and creative graphic design to put across their services and value proposition.


example of one pager by altmba
Source: Google Images

This marketing one-pager by altMBA is an example of how well they have played on colors and different sizing of the text to track and retain attention.


this marketing one-pager by nasda
Source: Google Images

This one-pager by NASDA is an example of how marketing one-pagers have become a need in today’s world and deliver results for nonprofit organizations.

BRC Advisors

brc advisor one pager
Source: Google Images

One of the leading real estate advisors, BRC, used its marketing one-pager to highlight its major achievements as well as how well informed it is about community developments.

Advantages of a Marketing or Business One Pager

We will now look at the benefits of having a marketing one-pager for your business or company.

Catches Attention

It is one of the easiest ways if executed appropriately, to catch your client’s attention and once you can do that is half the battle won. Millions of dollars are spent every year by companies to get themselves across to their target segment, imagine being able to do that with a one-pager?

Control Your Organization’s Image

A marketing one-pager helps in getting your organization’s story across. Because you put your narrative across and how you want your company to be perceived, it’s an important tool that helps you put out the best of your offerings and image.

Easy and Fast Communication

Marketing one-pager is not only easy communication but is fast communication because the main value proposition, as well as the services that you offer, are put across in a concise manner which is not only effective in getting a message across but also provides ease of reading to the customer.

Helps You Reflect

Another major advantage of marketing one-pager is that while developing the same not only reflect on where you want your company to be but where it is in the current time frame and how you want it to be perceived by your clients. This exercise helps in strategizing your future moves as well as your company’s future operational trajectory.

The Best Marketing One Pager Format

Components of a marketing one-pager and how they are developed play a major role in their effectiveness. Let us now look at some major components that make up the perfect template for a marketing one-pager.

Brand Identity

Your company’s name, tagline, and logo are major components of the brand identity and therefore should form an important part of the marketing one-pager.


What makes you different and what makes you stand out? This is what is known as your positioning in a particular market segment, and you must put that across in a marketing one-pager.

Product Description

Always provide a concise description of your product along with its features and benefits that will help the customer in understanding how the product is perfect to cater to their needs.


Here you would want to summarize the company positioning, its offering, and everything that it stands for in a few lines to reinforce the end objective.


In case you are an entrepreneurial venture or looking to target investors, here you should mention the amount that you require from an investor. In the case of a commercial service or product, this section should explicitly state how you want your customers to take the call to action.

Problems and Solutions

This is the section where you talk about the solutions that you are offering versus the problem your customer or client is facing.

Team and Contact Details

In this final section, you have to provide contact details of yourself and team members for customers or clients to reach out in case they want to know more or they want to get into a customer-client relationship with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Create A One-Pager?

You can create a one-pager by using any of the formats available online. Our suggested format above will help you create a one-pager that stands out.

How Do I Write A Marketing One Pager?

You look at your company’s value proposition and positioning and develop content accordingly. You write product descriptions, offerings, and your best features to be featured in that marketing one-pager.

What Should Be on A One-Pager?

You must ensure that your company’s identity, value proposition, benefits, and contact information are available on the one-pager apart from the other required basic components.

What Is A One-Pager Template?

A one-pager template is a framework that helps you design and develops your marketing one-pager while keeping in view the most important components that are required to be a part of this marketing tool.

What Is Another Word for One Pager?

Another word for marketing one-pager is known as one sheeter.

Way Forward

Now that you as a company and business owner are aware of the advantages as well as the current need for a marketing one-pager, we recommend that you create your SaaS sales process that can help you grow your startup to a 7-figure business.

The above guidelines will help you navigate the journey of developing your own marketing one-pager in order to generate leads, create brand awareness and eventually generate sales for your business.

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