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Product Messaging Examples for Tech Startups To Learn From!

November 3, 2022 Edwin Kooistra

A startup’s product messaging communicates the value, relevance, and purpose of a product to its target audiences, answering why exactly potential customers should buy its products. There are two popular reasons why B2B solution providers struggle with engaging product messaging, namely:

  • The messaging doesn’t reflect the product’s value, or
  • The product messaging does not resonate with the audience

We must remember that compelling product messages are not meant to market your product or its benefits. Consistent messaging highlights to customers why your product is the solution they are looking to resolve their unique pain points. Through effective messaging, B2B organizations have the opportunity to identify the unique intangible value their products provide to customers.

Today, we look at some remarkable and compelling B2B product messaging examples from which all aspiring entrepreneurs can learn a thing or two.

10 Inspiring Product Messaging Examples

If your message is on point, it can make all the difference in whether or not your product flies off the shelves. Let’s now take a look at some great examples of product messaging.

1 – Buffer – B2B Messaging for the Audience, By the Audience

Social media management tool Buffer has been one of the fastest-growing B2B brands since it came out in 2010. Since its inception Buffer founders had a fondness to interact with their target audiences allowing them to collect invaluable customer feedback and insights through the UserVoice platform.

2022 Buffer Website Home page

Buffer’s content copy has evolved over the years but its core value proposition remains the same, grow your social audiences through a simple, centralized, intuitive social marketing tool. The homepage is brilliantly set up with a simplified message that immediately addresses its audience’s pain points.

One aspect we noted in this new homepage copy is that the pricing was removed and a video demo was added for customers to make it more like a buyer’s journey.

The next 3 folds take the visitor into the last part of the customer journey explaining exactly how Buffer delivers social analytics, publishing capabilities, and improved engagement, so your business can celebrate new followers.

Buffer proudly highlights social proof from its customers to elevate its product messaging strategy and allow visitors to be convinced that Buffer is a trusted solution. Google Consumer Insights identify that 89% of B2B buyers research online reviews before making a purchase.

We notice that almost every Buffer product page is focused on customer pain points and needs. The review of their different pages indicates deep research about customer needs including measuring social media performance, planning & publishing content, and building loyal audiences organically. Buffer leverages these pain points offering an intuitive, centralized, and affordable product to target audiences.

2 – Mailchimp – King of the Jungle

MailChimp has come a long way from being simply an email marketing automation tool. Although the brand has previously evolved messaging around new products, the core offering remains the same: ‘win new customers and grow revenue through automated email marketing.’

MailChimp is also the number 1 email marketing automation platform because of its increased focus on small and medium-sized businesses. MailChimp has always been a customer-driven product, and its evolution into an all-in-one marketing platform is no surprise.

The second fold of the homepage instantly engages the customer by addressing the four most important pain points through two lines of messaging for each. A great aspect of MailChimp’s home page messaging is the excellent flow. MailChimp, through significant customer research and feedback, addresses the exact pain point solutions through its products.

As you learn how MailChimp benefits your business, the marketing team cleverly engages readers with surprise facts throughout the home page including ‘how the service increases orders 4 times’ and ‘88% increase in revenue through customer lifetime mapping.

One of the most interesting aspects of MailChimp’s messaging strategy is the brilliant consistency of the message across different customer channels. For instance, the Twitter profile bio is an excellent variant of their HomePage messaging.

3 – Vidyard – Creating Need Through Value

Vidyard offers a dedicated B2B video selling solution that helps to create, host, analyze, and share videos with prospect leads. Their product is aimed as a direct alternative to email marketing and a simple video tool to make correspondence more interactive and interesting.

For their audience niches, Vidyard immediately engages audiences through messaging personalized for ‘virtual sales representatives.’ The product offers the unique value of making remote selling easier across the sales cycles.

With an increase in remote work and virtual meetings over the years, reaching potential customers has become even more difficult through email marketing. Vidyard addresses this pain point and presents it as an easy video creation tool that also allows convenient integration with multiple emails and social media platforms.

We especially loved their messaging as they compare ‘boring’ email communication with more interactive video messaging, even providing a like-for-like comparison that highlights the customer’s needs.

Vidyard greatly values its customers featuring the top companies they host and feedback from professionals over social media profiles. If you notice, the feedback published on the homepage is itself a product message providing audiences, with real-time case studies of what can be achieved through the product and the quality of their support.

Another great aspect of Vidyard’s messaging is its use of two variants of the message by buyer personas. There is a unique sales-focused message followed by a marketing-focused one. This demonstrates that Vidyard extensively learns from its audience to create more relevant messaging for its different use cases.

4 – Pipedrive – Value-driven Messaging

Pipedrive is a CRM tool developed especially for sales teams. With multiple sales enablement features within the Pipedrive platform, there can be clutter within the messaging. The brand however does a great job of simplifying the value of its product.

If you notice, from their website homepage to their social profiles, the messaging identifies that Pipedrive CRM was designed from a sales representative’s point of view, dedicated to ensuring the success of sales processes.

Creating a successful sales pipeline has already been identified as a major challenge for B2B sales teams in 2022. Pipedrive does a great job aligning this crucial customer pain point solution through its persona-focused messaging that provides instant proof of the product’s success.

A great aspect of Pipedrive’s messaging is the brand’s consistency in integrating social proof within its messaging beginning from the first fold. In the second fold of the homepage, they list all their awards, followed by an educational journey for the audience on how Pipedrive provides value to their sales teams.

5 – Atlassian – It’s Possible with Teamwork

Atlassian offers multiple products including Jira, Confluence, and Trello, some of their most popular products. The brand offers a complete collaboration and project management tool designed to enable all types of teams.

If you notice their LinkedIn bio (“Atlassian provides tools to help every team unleash their full potential”) and homepage messaging (“It’s possible with teamwork”), you will notice a deep focus on their target audience. Productivity, time tracking, and people management are some of the major issues for B2B organizations.

In the following section of the homepage, Atlassian immediately delivers persona-based messaging to send customers to their respective funnels instantly. In the final fold of the homepage, the brand provides social proof within the message while providing some valuable content resources for audiences that reinforce the product message.

6 – New Relic – Simplifying the Clutter

Here is an excellent example of how to create a product marketing message for a highly complex product. By focusing on its niche customers and not its product, NewRelic has created an entire customer-led messaging infrastructure.

If you notice on their homepage, the product messaging comprehensively focuses on the customer pain points in the title, whereas the message below directly calls to developers, software engineers, and business founders. Their core value proposition is: to optimize your software stack through data-driven insights.

The brand clearly understood the significant challenges that software development teams face today. These challenges can include critical factors like leveraging technological advancement, collaborating with software testing teams, managing different software iterations for testing, security threats, third-party integrations, and much more.

Through simplified messaging, New Relic defines its product benefits through monitoring, debugging, and improving the tech stack. Even the brand’s social profiles use simple and to-the-point messaging to instantly engage their customers to find out more.

7 – Automizy – Competing through Unique Value

Automizy is an excellent example of niche product messaging in a highly competitive B2B segment, email marketing. The Automizy brand is positioned towards the non-tech savvy audience who wish to enhance email open rates by developing more engaging content, design, and formats for their B2B campaigns.

Automizy’s homepage messaging, like many other great product marketing examples, is simple, direct, and embedded with proof of success. By offering a more customer-friendly design dashboard, simplified email optimization tools, and A/B testing features, the brand engages a niche segment of customers considering they have roughly 1200 B2B customers right now.

But, the brand is known to be gaining B2B market share against the likes of HubSpot, RapLeaf, GetGist, etc. Considering the top issues for B2B email marketing like personalization, increasing open rates, growing conversion rates, etc., Automizy summarizes its solution in a few simple words like: ‘optimize your emails’, solving multiple pain points of B2B emails getting ignored.

Automizy also provides evidence of success within its messaging through the 34% improvement in email open rates statistics and the various awards the brand has received. Their Twitter feed messaging is very consistent with the homepage and even offers a CTA to learn more about the product.

8 – Square – Power to the Customers

Square is an excellent product messaging example for startups looking to scale their business in the long run. Now part of Block Inc Square began as an online payment facilitation solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Today it has transformed into a complete enterprise business solution suite offering staff management, marketing, POS, banking, and development features.

A great aspect of Square’s product messaging is that it resonates with customers. A clear navigation button offers audiences to learn why they should choose Square as their solution. In addition, the messaging provides social proof by mentioning the millions of customers of varying business sizes that already use the product.

The brand even establishes on the why choose page how the solutions have been developed to serve customers and facilitate their entire business from a central dashboard. The website further diversifies the product messaging by different buyer personas, demonstrating the huge audience that the brand engages.

Square’s messaging is also very consistent across its online touchpoints, including its social profiles. The simplified messaging is geared towards the target audience allowing all types of business owners to learn more through the brand’s social feeds and content arsenal.

9 – Servicenow – Enriching workflows, Optimizing Organizations

We observed that ServiceNow is an inspiring example of a successful startup that grew to be publicly traded on Wall Street, and was featured in 2018 Forbes as one of the most innovative companies. ServiceNow’s target audience is huge while operating in a highly competitive segment of B2B SaaS products.

The first thing you will notice about their messaging being a bit vague. Since they offer five different types of products across more than 8 industries, the company has to be very specific with the home page message.

This is however complemented through the ‘see how’ CTA which takes you through a video promo and a buyer journey rich with content that educates you about the products. The core value proposition that we observed here is that ServiceNow ‘optimizes business processes by digitizing and synergizing different teams to fuel ROI growth.’

The value proposition becomes much clearer with the messaging on the brand’s LinkedIn page. In a simplified message, the company explains that they unify and automate organizational processes for optimized workflows.

10 – Twilio – Data-driven Customer Engagement

Our last product messaging example comes from the customer engagement platform Twilio, another great startup success story. Twilio’s core value proposition is ‘optimizing customer engagement’ through its innovative communication solutions.

Twilio provides solutions to multiple B2B pain points within its core offering including humanizing the brand, facilitating virtual communication, quicker lead qualification, knowing the customers better, and personalized attention to individual customers.

The latter half of the homepage also establishes excellent rapport with potential customers by offering powerful social proof of how Twilio products assist its customers. You will notice that Twilio’s product message is centered around the value or ‘pain point solutions’ that it offers customers.

The homepage messaging is designed into a remarkable buyer journey embedded with valuable content that highlights the value Twilio delivers to its different buyer personas. The messaging on Twilio’s social feeds is not very engaging for their entire target audience and feels more like attracting niche segments.

Product Messaging Template

Here we’ve created this product messaging template – to make it easier for you to craft messages that will resonate with your audience.

How Can Chasm Assist You in Crafting a Successful Product Messaging Strategy?

For startups that are struggling to develop captivating product messaging, Chasm offers a data-driven product marketing solution to find your brand the right voice and tone that appeals to audiences.

By identifying the crucial buyer behaviors, content preferences, values, decision-making hierarchies, and important B2B psychographics, we provide your team with the relevant insights to create an appealing product message that resonates with your ideal customer profiles.

Chasm’s talented teams analyze your target buyer personas, competitors, market dynamics, pricing strategies, digital marketing campaigns, and product marketing plans to formulate a winning go-to-market strategy, providing your organization with a visualized framework.

Closely working with your team, Chasm ensures you can optimize every digital customer touchpoint, identify new B2B market opportunities, discover new audiences, and improve revenue funnels enabling continual business growth.

Get in touch with our team today and inquire about our Positioning, Segmentation & Messaging Consultancy services to learn more.


Product messaging is a central aspect of the product marketing plan and should be one of the earliest aspects that should be established. The core values, benefits, and why buy this product lies within the chosen messaging for a B2B product.

As we saw above, B2B organizations generally develop their product messaging focused on their ideal customer profiles. The message is further broken up as businesses discover varying buyer personas to reflect the various use cases for products.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on product messaging examples. So what are you waiting for? Go and create your product messaging and see your ROI increase day by day.

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