Find out what you are doing well and where you may want to improve to optimize the growth of your products and services.

What is the TECH CEO self-assessment about?

How to find your unique story

Having an unique story is important. Yet many Tech CEO’s are struggling to find a compelling message that resonates well with their buyers. 

How to find your audience

When you try to do to many things for to many different markets you face the risk of ending with nothing. Segmentation and finding your right audiences is key. How well do you do this?

How to validate your ideas

Lot’s of money and time is burned with focus on the ideas and products that don’t have any market fit. What if you could validate this and increase your success ratio.

How to scale your ideas into leads and business

What are the basic needs for a tech startup to start marketing internally or through a marketing agency. How ready do you need to be to start?

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