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How to Write a Sales Pitch with FREE Outreach Email Template

March 28, 2022

In an ever-shifting environment, trying to make headway in your space in 2022 is not easy. While the whole marketing landscape is shifting towards programmatic marketing, businesses should follow trends cautiously, as the latest trend might not always be best for your company.

You might have previously tried email outreach and didn’t see results, or you might have quit halfway through. Whatever the reason is for wanting to pull it ahead this time, you are making the right decision.

Despite current trends, email marketing still promises the highest return on investment. With over 4 billion daily email users, it surely is one of the most powerful tools in your business arsenal.

Outreach Email Marketing: What is it?

Outreach marketing involves reaching out to potential customers, influential individuals, or decision-makers to achieve goals like:

  • Build relationships
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Generate product demand
  • Gather data (through studies and surveys)
  • Boost customer retention
  • Build brand partnerships and collaborations

In most cases, outreach email marketing involves reaching out to individuals you have no prior relationship with, which demands strategically planned emails. For emails that “hook” your recipients, you need to identify your desired outcome, confirm your email aligns with your customer development plan, and set realistic goals. Only then can you build credibility, powerful relationships, and successful collaborations.

We’ve all gotten awful outreach emails and probably our spam folders are full of them, but did this make you wonder if email outreach actually works?

The short answer: Yes, they still work.

However, for outreach emails to work, you’ll need to send the right types. And, to be able to identify what works you will need to test your emails by sending them to a large number of people and have different variants to see which one has the most success. The easiest, time-saving method of doing so, is templates. Still, a sales outreach template must have enough personalization and be tailored to your audience that you don’t realize the email comes from one.

What is an Email Outreach Template?

Outreach email templates are predefined layouts with text and or image content that could be used each time rather than creating the email from scratch.

An outreach email template can help you create the most successful outreach email. Ideally, it has a simple structure, follows best practices, and leaves plenty of room for testing and tweaking so you can gradually build up to that perfect email that gets you results every time. And if you need help devising the right sales strategy check out our sales strategy service today.

How to Write a Sales Pitch (w/ Brand outreach email template)

1. Focused and Catchy

You want your emails to be unique and sound like your brand, but knowledge and market research data are key to avoiding emails that go unnoticed and end up in spam. Avoid informational content and do not spend too much time writing generic things like why you started your business and your products. Instead, if you’re going to highlight things like industry trends or growth rates make sure they are super relevant and focused on your prospect’s business and the challenges they are facing.

2. Short and Clear

You want to show your recipient that you’re on top of trends and aware of their tastes and preferences. But, cover all of your main points in as few words as possible to make an impression. A specific, concise but striking email is your way to go. Keep your emails short, ideally 77 words and not more than 100 words. Divide paragraphs into shorter ones for a quick read, and make sure to use plain language.

3. Personalization is Key

If you want your emails to avoid the spam folder and increase open rates, stay away from generic, personality-lacking emails. Address your prospect by their first name, use a straightforward and attention-grabbing subject, make brief references to your recipient’s work, and preferably lead your message with a question relevant to the prospect. It’s a great conversation starter… isn’t it?

4. Relevance and Value

With your pitch, you want to give the recipient something valuable, framed in the context of what they will get out of it. Focus on one of their quantifiable business objectives, so it’s easier for them to understand the implications of your solution, making them more likely to be receptive. If you have any evidence like case studies for instance, about the success of your solution in helping prospects in similar situations, make sure to include them as well. Another bonus tip, is to stay away from things like “do you have 15-minutes?” These are big, flashy red flags that will label your pitch as a selling email and it’ll be disregarded, if not trashed.

5. Inspire an Action

After piquing your prospects’ curiosity to open your email, capturing their attention, so they read beyond the first sentence, engaging them through relevant and relatable content, it’s now time to inspire them to act and respond.

Calls-to-action (aka CTAs) are an integral component of the anatomy of cold email outreach. Emails should only have one CTA, as requesting from them to make too many decisions is confusing. There are many options for a CTA, you can ask them for a reply, ask them to check something out, or directly schedule a meeting with you and possibly provide an add to calendar link, which we find the best.

How to Use the Sales Pitch Template

The success of your email outreach is proportional to the time and resources you spend crafting it. We know it can be intimidating and time-consuming, staring at a blank email and waiting for a bolt of inspiration. To help you out and speed up the process, we’ve created an outreach email template that you can put to use today and will help you improve your chances of a positive reply.

Even if you are sending emails using a business outreach email template, you still need to personalize certain elements. Replace the content in the outreach email example below with an industry statement, measured business objective, quantitative proof, target industry, suggested solution, and time and date suggestion to make them more natural-sounding, showing the prospect that you know who they are and have a relevant pitch for them.

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