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Product Launch Tool Kit (Download Checklist Template)

February 25, 2022

Working on the next big thing, whether it was a product or a feature, and getting so immersed in the execution of the idea is essential, especially in a competitive industry that has never been as fierce. But, there ought to be an equally awesome go-to-market strategy to take the product out there and spread the word.

Thinking about the best way to launch can quickly become an afterthought, and while every launch is different, and for each to be a success, as a product marketer, you want it to be as smooth as possible from start to finish.

Today, launching a product to a global audience has never been so manageable. But, strategic planning and a winning product launch plan are required to avoid pitfalls that can break the launch, like targeting the wrong customers or failing to optimize the right buyer journeys.

Product Launch Plan: What is it?

It is a planned effort that provides coordination and clarification to bring a new product to market successfully. The goal is to make sure team members are focused and updated, and all activities are coordinated in tandem to ensure a frictionless experience for customers with the product.

The key to drafting a solid product launch starts with a retrospective of previous product launches to identify the following:

  1. Identify what went well and if it was up to the expectations to be kept for next time.
  2. Determine what didn’t work to mitigate in the future.
  3. Point out the areas of improvement and the following steps to ensure better outcomes.

To help you prioritize resources in an effective order, plan for most eventualities as well as for the unexpected, use our tried-and-tested Product Launch Toolkit template and acquire and retain high-value customers from the off.

Devising an in-house product launch plan will require a whole lot of effort to succeed.  Without a whole marketing team, it may seem like a daunting task to put in the efforts that can pull the trigger.

On the contrary product marketing agencies have the expertise, access to technology, and years of experience launching successful products. For this very reason hiring an external team can save you both time, and energy and can help you successfully enter new markets.

What is a Product Launch Toolkit?

To help product launch liftoff, a product launch toolkit, also known as a product launch playbook serves as a practical guide that examines product launch steps more closely and helps team members:

  1. Clearly define product launch goals
  2. Establish key brand identity elements
  3. Identify success metrics and ways to measure and track progress

How To Use A Product Launch Toolkit/Checklist

The template includes example product launch categories and tasks; edit the list to include all activities required for your specific product launch.

Enter the product launch date on the chart to populate the calendar, include descriptions of each task, and assign owners and due dates.

Use the included drop-down menus to track the priority and status of each activity. Mark items as in progress, pending or done. Feel free to add, remove, or adjust template tabs as you see fit.

Download Product Launch Toolkit

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